Tips & tricks @

I've been using the site myself for quite a long time (both for romantic offline and friendship online). It's been going well, so I decided to share various ways how you could improve your experience here.

Why to find a partner interested in FIRE?

It sounds pretty obvious that having a romantic relationship with a mustachian when you are interested in Financial Independence is a good idea. However, have you ever thought about all the advantages? Me neither, so here is my attempt at this.

Why to look for FIRE friends

If you are not yet convinced that having FIRE friends is amazing, here are my reasons why I believe so :)

How to signal FIRE to other people

...without revealing too much too soon.

The reason why people interested in FIRE don't have FIRE acquaintances is that the community is very dispersed and it is hard to talk about this topic with non-FIRE people. Let's see how one could try to get around this. I.e. how to signal that you are into FIRE to other FIRE people without looking weird to non-FIRE people.

History of Mustachian Tinder

The idea of "Mustachian Tinder" or Financial Independence dating website was on everyone's mind for a very long time. Let's see its history and how it was actually brought into reality.

Features of

While can be described as "Mustachian Tinder", it is very different from Tinder. E.g. it stimulates people to actually interact with each other instead of just spending time on the site. Let's look at all such features and why the site is made this way.