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Without question the best dating site I've ever used. Many good conversations and even found my gf here. Would have gladly paid $100/month to use, but somehow it's free.
- Noah, 31, US (couple #8)
We matched on October 19th and chatted on the website for two days. Since we had so much in common, Will asked for my number. Then I took a leap a day later and asked to meet in person.

A lot of being successful is putting yourself in the right place. For a FIRE person interested in dating other FIRE minded people, this site is that right place.
We have met and Cody has been living with me at my apartment for the past month.
I did not think I was going to find someone on this app. Part of me doesn't even know why I signed up to begin with. I did know I was sick of wasting my time and wanted someone with the same beliefs and values.
It is so great to have access to a site with like minded individuals. Being involved in FIRE is very unique and to find like minded individuals is such a relief. I discovered that if you are involved in FIRE, you most likely will have the same belief system and things will just roll smoothly.
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