The first and only dating website
for FIRE people
I'm surprised that no one has suggested any form of FIRE-based dating site.
- We were too!
Mr Money Mustache has made comments several times about creating a FIRE dating app. I don't think he was kidding either.
- We are not kidding either!
A FIRE dating app would be a great idea, except no FIRE people would ever pay for it...
- Yeap, that's why it is free!
- Find your mustachian!
Free (even no ads)
‣ Looking for FIRE friends? We have friendship search too ;)
Privacy first - we ask only for your email.
Built-in messaging - you don't have to give your contact details to others.
‣ Community of more than 2367 people (771 women and 1596 men) from all over the world, growing fast.
‣ Actively developed - your feedback is always taken into account (and site gets better every day - change log).
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Why to find a partner interested in FIRE? is the first financial independence dating app. The idea of mustache dating site (for people following Mr Money Mustache ideas) was raised numerous times and we finally did it! Using this website people from FIRE community can meet each other. Friendship search is also supported, so you can find mustachian friends! FIRE community is strongly connected with minimalism & frugality.